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Day 22: I don’t blame you

I don’t like this thing.

Before you freak out and get all pissed at me, let me explain myself. Portal, and therefore, Portal 2 are great, great games. Don’t get me wrong. The problem I have is with the pretentious attitude of the game developers on release.

The game is even shorter than Portal, taking as little as 4 hours, and the biggest pet peeve of mine:


Valve, WHAT THE FUCK. What, not getting enough money from TF2 crates and DLC for other games you developed that you have to have DLC on RELEASE.


It makes it blatant that they’re exploiting it for money, which is disheartening.

Edit: Okay, kids. I understand that some of my views on this game are groundless and incorrect now. Guess this is what happens when you don’t double check your facts during a speech or something.

I suppose the real reason I harbor sort of a grudge towards it, is because portal for me was great standing alone. I just feel like anything story wise added onto it would feel clunky.

Also, generally, I look at the aesthetic of a game, and then try to push it to a limit. I try to solve puzzles quickly- as quickly as I can. It has nothing to do with not appreciating the work that developers do, at all. It has to do with just how you, personally, enjoy the game.

Though I do like the idea of co-op.

I do stand by my point of paid downloadable content is greedy upon release, though. No matter how pretty or good a game is, you can release that content for your users, dangit. Free.


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